One of the things that our experience in dealing with a pandemic for the past year and a half has taught us is how important it is to be in a space that gives us comfort.  The stay-at-home-to-work experience has taught us that a comfortable environment has a significant impact on our psyches.  As more people are working from home, the aesthetics of what is important has shifted and pushed designers to create designs that blend home and work together.  Being home more has taught us that our everyday clutter has an impact on us when we are around it all day, especially as home offices have become the norm for many. 


While kitchen and bath design have often taken the forefront in design articles, in 2021, creating flexible spaces has become the top trend in design ideas.  Home office design is where it’s at.  Do a quick search on YouTube for home office design or home office setup and you’ll see the world of design and tech open up before your eyes.  We want places to work that allow us to get our work done, without turning our spaces into the equivalent of an office cubicle.

Standing desks are one of the top home office purchases in 2021, as the need to stand as you work is good for your health.  You’ll find standing desks are available as either a complete desk system or adjustable legs that you can put your own top on.